Hello, my name is Freda Kocholla 

A Kenyan immigrant, living in England for over a decade. I left Africa on my own ‘adventure’ at seventeen, which has turned out to be one of the most phenomenal experiences of my life. 

My day job is as a Chartered Accountant, working in Risk Management. I help companies identify and minimise various risks they are exposed to in business, which is the same approach kocholla.com uses in a slightly different context –‘living life’ – how to minimise the risk that you end up in a career or job you hate, a relationship you're not happy with and friends that you honestly could do without. In a nutshell, a life that you wouldn't pick out even if it was on sale, nicely packaged in a Louboutin box (I love shoes!)

Most of my wanderlust centers around moving out of my comfort zone, reading books, helping others and being the best version of myself.

Follow me on my journey, I will write about my observations as I develop a better understanding of what goes on around me and include my reflections in the Kocholla Diaries where I also include my more random experiences :-).

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new experiences. I have been to some amazing places and met some wonderful people by trying different things as I share these experiences I you find the inspiration to take bold steps in falling in love with your world.

My Mantra - Be Bold, Be Brave, Be Beautiful!

Feel free to leave me an email (i read them all), a comment or follow me on social media! kocholla@kocholla.com